Ready-To-Use (RTU)

Instead of using fragrance to mask malodors, DLETE cleans the air of odor at its source with the help of application specific probiotics. The result is genuinely odor-free. Reach problem odors on a microscopic level and help prevent their return with DLETE.

Our products contain no added fragrance. 
Read our White Paper —This is What Clean Really Smells Like to find out why. 

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  • An innovative and effective approach to long-term odor elimination utilizes a combination of odor counteractant technologies and probiotics, scientifically formulated to eliminate odors, not cover them up. Biological action removes the odor at its source
  • Reduces bio-allergens, including pollen, dust mites, animal dander, and fungal spores
  • DLETE is biodegradable, safe for users and the environment, VOC compliant, dye- and fragrance-free
  • Works effectively on strong odors including urine, spoiled foods, fish oils, cigarette smoke, dumpsters, waste treatment, and more
  • Targets organic compounds such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, volatile fatty acids, and mercaptans
  • Counteractants bind the odor molecules, eliminating bad smells immediately. Probiotic consortium continues working after application to degrade a broad spectrum of substrates
  • Application-specific probiotics produce enzymes that degrade organic matter quickly, preventing odors at the source
  • Used regularly DLETE helps prevent odors in problem areas such as around toilets and urinals, garbage collection areas, carpets and upholstery, car interiors, workout rooms, etc. All places where the best smell is no smell!
  • DLETE is a buffered and preserved aqueous solution containing surfactants, builders, stabilized enzymes, and naturally occurring probiotics
  • Available in 32 oz., 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 275 Gallon
  • Use as directed on product label